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About Dr. Robin Newman

dr. robin newman


Healing Hearts Therapy, with Dr. Robin Newman, is a place where men, women, teens, and children – the entire family- can discover renewed hope and direction for their lives. In essence, HHT exists to help you Live Again – Hope Again.

Regardless of the challenge, circumstance, situation or age, Dr. Newman is committed to helping you by offering straight-forward therapy with compassion and a real heart for your personal transformation.

Dr. Newman began her current practice in January 2009, and works with children as young as age 5. She also counsels adolescents and adults, individually and/or with family members. Her approach is to help you manage life’s most difficult situations by her calm demeanor, and her skillful, direct yet compassionate style. Every client is treated as an individual, not as a label or diagnosis, and each is respected for the unique qualities he or she brings to the therapy room.

In addition to the work Dr Newman does with depression/ anxiety she also has a heart for helping those through grief. If you have lost a loved one or are struggling through the grieving process, help is available. You don’t need to grieve alone. While Grief is a necessary part of life, the path of grief doesn’t have to be walked in isolation. Call today. Help is just a phone call away.

” ‘There is HOPE,’ These words were spoken by Dr. Robin Newman in July 2019, after the most devastating experience of my life. Destroyed. Hopeless. Defeated. These words defined my life. I was lost and reached out to Dr. Newman for help.

Over three years later, I do have hope. Dr. Newman has walked me through each step of my journey. We pray together, cry together, and hope together. Her patient and thoughtful counseling has guided the path on my journey to a new life. Through talk therapy and an alignment of medication to my needs, I now live a live without the dark cloud. Her innate ability has provided guidance to adopting a new approach at life.

I am a 64-year-old living with depression, a form of mental illness, for more than 50 years. Medicated for 25 years, I managed my life encompassed in the ever-present dark cloud. Today, Dr. Newman has altered my medication for my specific needs and enhanced this treatment with regular interactivetherapy. Now—the cloud is lifted, the light is on, and I have hope.”

J.L. Plano, Texas

A Heart For Families, Kids & Special Needs

Healing Hearts Therapy believes in the family. This unit is the foundation for personal growth and success, yet no family is perfect; all have areas of needed growth. Dr. Newman’s imperative is to help build family units by counseling with an entire family, couples and/or individuals. She is adept at working with teens, and even children as young as 5 years old. She also has a heart for special-needs children and their families. One of Dr. Newman’s specialties is to diagnose and treat children with neurological disorders. She helps children and adolescents face some of life’s toughest obstacles, such as divorce, death, sexual abuse, rejection and loneliness.

When it comes to a child with special needs, the pressure mounts for parents, siblings, extended family–even schools, teachers and more. Dr. Newman has a heart for these families, and provides constructive and creative counseling sessions designed to build a child’s development while expanding understanding among family members. Dr. Newman often works with children living with A.D.H.D., Tourette’s Syndrome, Aspergers and more.

Understanding the Pressures of Ministry

Ministries and missions are abundant, essential and largely prosperous in the proclamation of truth. They are also often fraught with pressures and problems that are spiritual, emotional, financial–and individual. “Men and women in ministry experience the greatest of joys and the greatest of sorrows,” said Dr.  Newman. “Christian ministry isn’t all roses for any man or woman. I have a deep understanding of the highs and lows, and how to help navigate through them.”

Dr. Newman is a ministry support specialist. As the wife of a minister and the daughter, and sister of a ministers, she understands the ministry world, the unrealistic expectations and the disappointment one often feels. She works with families, ministers, wives and children, giving them all a “safe haven” to express their hearts, feelings, victories and struggles. HHT provides a confidential safe haven to help them work through issues and heal from past or present hurts that manifest themselves during ministry.

“A deep understanding of one’s own pain makes it possible to convert weakness into strength and to offer one’s own experience as a source of healing to those who are often lost in the darkness of their own misunderstood sufferings.”
–  Nouwen

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